For more than a decade now, Kofi Boakye Antwi has been part of the current inspirational renaissance sweeping through Africa. His inspiration – based teachings have transformed thousands of lives. He has a mandate to empower humanity to fulfil their God – given purpose and set them free from ignorance.

Pastor Antwi is the founder and Executive president of the Kairos Consult, a personal development organization that empowers humanity to identify their purposes and seize the most opportune time to act in all spheres of lives. He started public speaking at 16 years during his days at Prempeh College. In his secondary school days, his passion for personal development and leadership drove him to be an executive in numerous clubs like the Writers’ and Debaters’ club, Leadership International and Impact Makers. At the University, he served as an executive member for some denominational groups and committees. Prominent among them was his role as the Vice President of the second largest denomination with a membership of 1500 people being under his able leadership.

He is reputed to be most practical and poetic inspirational speaker by his many audiences in Africa and beyond. He is the author of the bestseller ‘Become a Fearless Speaker’ and has conducted many trainings and seminars for tertiary institutions and corporate bodies. He has been a panellist for some radio and T.V shows in his home country Ghana. Apart from authoring, coaching and training, Kofi Boakye Antwi is a minister of the gospel with a special ministry to the youth. He serves as one of the associate Pastors in Fountain Gate Chapel – Jubilee Pastures. He lives in Ghana, West Africa with his family.