Fearless Speaker


Today I seek to share an article that relates to an inevitable skill you must possess in the 21st Century for success in life. Mastering the ability to communicate effectively gives you authority and influence. This article is culled from my book “BECOMING A FEARLESS SPEAKER (HOW TO SPEAK BOLDLY TO ANY AUDIENCE SIZE).’’ Every chapter of the book is well- researched, based on real-life experiences and very practical. Enjoy this piece.


Chauncey M. Depew once said,” There is no other accomplishment which any man can have that will so quickly make for him a career and secure recognition as the ability to speak acceptably.” Your ability to express yourself confidently, no matter the audience size, has the full potential of giving you leadership and authority anywhere you find yourself more than almost any other activity you can think of. In all nations and among every race of people, we all long for the attainment of confidence in public speaking. There are few things that can compare with standing boldly before an audience, be it small or large, and making them think your thoughts after hearing from you.

Notwithstanding the enormous benefits that accrue to the man that can master speaking boldly in public, one common fear many of us have from childhood to adulthood is the “fear of the audience”. According to a commonly quoted survey, more people are afraid of standing before an audience than they are of dying.

And no matter how hard we try to avoid the audience in our lifetime, a day comes when we eventually have to stand before an audience. Our schooling and occupational systems offer us a wide variety of opportunities to speak to audiences. Preparing yourself to manage any audience size life brings you is a prudent thing to do. I have seen how great men have been robbed of respect and dignity by their reaction before an audience. On the other hand, some ordinary men have received extraordinary honour and respect after a great delivery of a vital speech. From our churches through to our schools and businesses, the demand for fearless communicators and the management of audience cannot be overemphasized.

If there is a season where individuals must express themselves publicly without fear, I believe it is now. The days of denying yourself the privilege of speaking in public and of rejecting appointments of mass communication must be far over.

See you at the top of your chosen field on the thriving wings of your speaking abilities anytime, anywhere notwithstanding your audience size. Yes, you have been wired in the likeness of God to speak and never be afraid of an audience. Standing before an audience should be a motivation and never a condition of fright.


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