Find your purpose


Today I seek to help you answer one of the most important questions of purpose discovery. It is culled from my book “Find Your Purpose.’’ Every chapter of the book is well- researched, based on real-life experiences and very practical. Enjoy this piece.


“Everyone has his own specific calling. Everyone is irreplaceable, and his life is unique. Therefore the task of each person is as unique as his ability to perform this task.’’ – Viktor Frankle



Jesus Christ was aware of who He was. He answered the question “Who am I?’’ severally. He said, “I am the Bread of Life; I am the Spirit of Truth; I am Life; I am the Resurrection’’ and many others. Jesus focused on His assignment from His early childhood. As a child, He told His parents about fulfilling His Father’s business. The demands of His surroundings never distracted Him. He did allow himself to be guided by the opinion of others. He fulfilled His life’s purpose of redeeming humanity from sin’s slavery. He focused on preaching, teaching and healing humanity. His heroic life is recorded in the Bible and translated into virtually all languages in the world. He is the most outstanding Person who ever lived on Earth. His life was a life of Purpose.

The question ‘Who are you?’ is the first and most difficult question of purpose. This question always attracts amazing answers. Some will mention their name (E.g. George Mends) as the answer. Others will say their career or profession is who they are. You will get somebody else saying ‘I am a human being’. Many people have not yet thought about ‘who they really are?’ One of the self-discoveries each of us must make is the awareness of who we really are.

Until we know who we are, we cannot correctly answer the question “Why am I here?’’ and “Where am I going?’’ Dreaming of a nice home, a wonderful spouse and a car are not all there is to your purpose. You need to find yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the world live almost unconsciously. They live as if life is a dream. Consciously devote some time to think about the purpose you were uniquely designed to fulfil. Ask yourself the question of who you are or what your identity is. If we want to enjoy life and not merely survive on earth, we must find answers to the questions concerning our destiny. Questions like ‘Who am I?’  ‘Why did I come into this world?’ ‘What am I living for?’ ‘Where is my place in this life?’

It is meaningless to live without knowledge of your true destiny. Don’t get busy creating families or working from morning until night without knowing your purpose. People who do not know their destiny carry out activities that do not actually mean anything to their success. Such people make many movements but little headway.

Your purpose is the reason for which you were born. We all have our unique traits and we need those traits to fulfil our destiny. You were born on this planet with a definite purpose and the entire world is in need of the gift you carry. The world needs your uniqueness and abilities. If you do not find your purpose, the world will be denied it. Imagine the world without Steve Jobs. It means we would never have had the Macintosh, iPads and iPhones. What if Thomas Edison did not invent the electric bulb? Our houses will have no light bulbs. If you do not carry out your mission, the world will lose what God created you to do. Do not add up to the vast amount of riches hidden in the cemetery. Do not waste your life and be unfulfilled. Pursue purpose and make an impact as long as you are alive.

You will become someone else if you do not correctly answer the question ‘Who am I?’ Most people play roles that belong to others. They pretend to be who they are not because they have not yet discovered themselves. Family and society will dictate your purpose for you if you do not discover it yourself. You must not be an imitation of another. When we speak, dress and think like others, we live with the goal of achieving the approval they have. A man that finds who he is will not be envious of others.



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