Broke to CEO


Today I seek to show you the possibility of becoming a business owner. You cannot be an employee all your life. It is culled from my book “FROM BROKE TO CEO (A PRACTICAL 30 DAYS JOURNEY TO STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS’’ Every chapter of the book is well- researched, based on real-life experiences and very practical. Enjoy this piece.


In today’s rapidly changing world, anyone can become an entrepreneur without having to wait for huge capital investments and long years of experience. There are no limits to the age at which one can start his own business. You cannot be an employee all your life. Salary is slavery. Becoming a business owner places you in a better position to be wealthy. It moves you from a salary mentality to income mentality. By starting your own business, your profits are direct results of the effort you put into building the business. You put in much effort, you yield many returns and vice versa. This book outlines simple steps you can take to start your own business and manage it successfully. I strongly believe that no one should work for more than fifteen years of their working life before having their own business. You must have an exit strategy as you work for somebody. This will help you plan well on how to create other streams of income and maximize your life. When you start a business, income may not be flowing as expected initially. But by consistency and determination, things will turn around in no time.

There are so many businesses you can start. But I recommend you start a business that is related to your passion and talents. I know it is not the first time the idea of starting your own business has come to mind. However, overcome your excuses and procrastination by doing something unusual this time. By focusing on building a solid business, you will soon be celebrated CEO.

Dedication and hard work will be required to build an empire. Becoming a CEO is as simple as choosing a niche, the fitting business type and taking actions to make your dreams a reality.

There is a strong feeling of fulfilment that comes with working for yourself. Some people could be ready to quit the rat race in some few months after starting their own business. Others too will have to do it on a part-time basis. Do you know that no matter how long you work, you still cannot hand over your job or position to your children? Business owners can easily hand over their businesses as part of their inheritance to their children.

CEOs get to choose the hours they work and keep more of the profits from their business. Employees, on the other hand, are limited to how much they can earn in a month. Business owners have limitless earning potentials. And once you make a profit as a CEO, you can always repeat and scale up the process to earn more. Start thinking like a business owner to experience true freedom in business. It is time to move from salary to income; job seeker to job creator; employee to employer. One question that many people often ask me during my seminars is “Must everybody start a business?’’. To that, I answer by saying “After you retire, you would want to start something on your own. So why wait to be retired and too tired physically, mentally, emotionally, etc., to start something when you can do it earlier?’’ It may be partially true that not everybody is bound to start a business. But I believe everybody can be an investor and have money working for them.

Starting your own business is one of the most powerful vehicles of wealth creation. Over 90% of all rich people own a business. It gives you freedom and control over your life. Try to start a small business after reading this book. Give it your full attention and you will be surprised at the results you can achieve. Believe in yourself, and you soon will be a successful CEO of your very own company.

Follow the steps outlined in this book and start living a better life. Just remember it is time to start your business.


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